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Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Entrepreneurship [PGDME]

Jointly Certified by Jadavpur University and The Strategy Academy

All The Info You Need To Know About The Program

This program spans three semesters, covering core business functions in the first semester and focusing on business decision-making and strategy in the second. The third semester offers specialization options in Strategic Management, Sales, Customer Service, and Distribution, Business Analytics, Data Science, Application of Emerging Technology in Business, Digital Transformation, or Cyber Security. Participants gain expertise in various areas such as AI, ML, and big data, preparing them to excel in the dynamic business environment.

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Course Duration

11 Months

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Entry Requirements

Candidates must have 15-year education background (10+2+3).

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Course Audience

The program is open to working executives, graduates from any discipline, and diploma engineers



  • Marketing Management
  • Analysis of Financial and Cost Performance for Decision Making and Control
  • Economics for Managers
  • Operations Management
  • Managing and Leading


  • Financial Management
  • Quantitative Techniques for Business Decision Making
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship


1.Strategic Management

  • Strategic Analysis for Development of Strategy
  • Strategies for Turnaround, Consolidation, and Growth
  • Merger & Acquisition and Corporate Restructuring
  • Platform Business Strategy
  • Analytics for Strategic Decision Making


  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning [AIML]
  • Cloud Services
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • Internet-of-Things [Including Industry 4.0]
  • Blockchain


  • Customer Analytics
  • Operations Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Analytics for Strategic Decision Making


  • Sales, Customer Service and Distribution Processes –
    Core Concepts and Practices
  • Personal Selling and Associated Processes and
  • Practices (Including Soft Skills that Sales and
    Customer Service Officials Need)
  • Sales, Customer Service and Distribution – Consumer
  • Sales, Customer Service and Distribution – Industrial
  • Sales, Customer Service and Distribution – Services


  • Concept of Digital Transformation (Scope and
    Challenges) and Importance of Data Visualization for
    Digital Transformation
  • Big Data in Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML)
    in Digital Transformation
  • Blockchain and Cyber Security in Digital
  • Organizational Preparedness and Implementation
    Challenges in Digital Transformation


  • Pillars of Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Business Model
  • Essence of Cyber Security
  • Types of Cyber Security
  • Cyber Guidelines 


  • Business Analytics (Including Big Data Analytics)
  • Data Representation and Visualization, Categorical
    Data Analysis and Optimization
  • Database Management and Data Warehousing
  • Artificial Intelligence [AI], Machine Learning [ML]
    and Deep Learning
  • Python, R, Java, and Other Programming Languages

The Program Lecturer

With 20 years in the industry and 28 years of teaching at prestigious institutions like IIM Calcutta, this individual brings extensive knowledge and expertise. Their background in consulting adds to their comprehensive understanding of the business world, making them a well-rounded professional.

Prof. Ranjan Das

Ph.D. [IIM Ahmedabad]

Admission Process

What Our Graduates Have To Say

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Olive Mack

Ui Designer, Jobox
“The Pros, is definitely the best choice I ever made! The course gave me all the skills and the tools i needed to integrate in the industry.”

Micheal Hernandez

Animator, Creabird
“I finished the course with a lot of professional knowledge, practical tools and lots of encouragement and support from the expert lecturers”
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Marian smith

UX Designer, Jobox
“I got my dream job thanks to the course I took and the connections of the expert lecturers that were dedicated to help me find a job.”
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Marian smith

UX Designer, Jobox
“The Pros course helped me take my career to the next level.. I recently started a new job as a web designer and could’nt be more happy!”
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Pedro Gomez

Motion Designer, Plakill
“Proud to be graduating from The Pros Institute. The high level of the courses and the dedication to the students was amazing. Truly thankful! ”

Rene Thornton

Web designer and Illustrator, Glowl
“In the course I received a lot of knowledge and professional tools. The lecturers and the rest of the team helped me a lot even after the course.”
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