Executive education offerings in India are flooding the market. Everyone from top Indian and international schools to large reputable consulting firms to independent operators are promising to “educate” and “develop” senior managers. CEOs and their vice presidents of human resources are bombarded with daily requests to buy the latest and greatest in executive education. How do you differentiate the snake charmers from the real deal?

Executive Bschool: Ariff Kachra wrote this article on Wall Street Journal some time back in order to advise business managers on how to decide which executive education course to choose from. He discusses seven key factors to look for:

  1. Has the school or training outfit built or are they willing to build a relationship with your business?
  2. Do their faculty or trainers have a global mindset?
  3. How much global experience does the school have?
  4. Are the faculty and trainers from the best global institutions?
  5. Do faculty or trainers engage in applied, practical, real-world, publishable research?
  6. Are the delivery methods applied and practical?
  7. Do they have the support systems in place in India and globally to build customized programs for your needs?

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