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Executive Bschool is an Executive Education Aggregation website. We aggregate Executive Education Programs from Top Bschools. 

Executive Bschool provides unbaised advisory and couseling support to assist candidates seeking to enroll into Executive Education Programs in better decision making. Our candidate support services are free of charge.

Technical Service Providers in India like Hughes, Times TSW, VCNow, etc. provide technological support to Institutes for the conduction of Executive Education Programs through ‘Live’ virtual mode. They may also offer Virtual Learning Centers across various locations for candidates to attend virtual lectures.

Executive Bschool is an Executive Education aggregation portal. We list courses offered by top bschools irrespective of technical service providers.  In fact we associate with several technical service providers and Institutes to bring all possible Executive Education courses under one roof to enable candidates select and enroll into best courses from the entire gamut.

On our website you will find Executive Education courses from Top Business Schools which are meant for working professionals to enhance their skills, qualifications and employability.

Executive Education programs are generally offered through ‘Live’ virtual classroom mode. Some courses require candidates to spend a few days for on-campus sessions too. With the right mix of ‘Live’ sessions (generally more than two sessions), these courses are often referred to as ‘Blended’ learning programs.

Executive Education is divided into three categories – Long Duration Programs (LDPs), Short Duration Programs (SDPs) and Management Development Programs (MDPs). LDPs are one to two years in duration. SDPs are upto 6 months in duration. MDPs are generally conducted on-campus for a few days.

Long Duration Programs generally follow curriculum of an Executive MBA in terms of depth and rigor however in India MBA is generally offered by Universities so these programs cannot be technically regarded as equivalent to MBA. These programs are meant to augment skills, qualifications and employability of the participants and Industry may regard them a notch higher than MBAs offered by many Universities and Colleges.

A few IIMs offer EPGP (or PGPX or PGPEX or ePGPx) programs these days. These programs are designed in line with Executive MBAs and are very valuable both in terms of education and qualification. EPGP prgrams from IIMs lead to Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

All our services are free of charge to the candidates using our website. We only charge from Institutions, Technical Service Providers and Advertisers.

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